Saturday, March 06, 2004
What a tough week I've had...Last night was bad too. I hate arguing with my brother. As much as I get angry at him, I still love him, and it hurts that we can't get along sometimes. I swear, I must've cried like every day this week--which is crazy because before this year, I think I've only cried less than 5 times, but whatever. Is crying a sign of weakness, or opening up? I've cried more since I've been with Jon, but not for bad reasons necessarily. I've never been able to have a good cry to anyone, except for him--HA..and that's why I must love him so much.

Well, anyways, school has taken pretty much 98.9% of my time and brainspace, which can't be any good. It's the weekend, but yet again, I'm spending most of it doing work. Pre-med's a bitch. I can't wait till all of this school business is done..then I'll be hoooome free, but really old and I guess there's no point in parting when you're old, which sucks..but at least I'll be a happy, old boring doctor..who doesnt have to study on weekends..Wow, that made no sense. But anyhow, back to reality..
Today I got some great advice from Astride. It was about everything that I've been worrying about. She's such an awesome advice-giver. I sure do hope it works out in the end. I've got to get over some things though--especially those dumb fears of mine. Whatever. I think I worry too much about too many things. I get that from my mom. (Thanks Mom. LoL j/k). THe future is so far away, but it feels like it's coming so fast. But like everyone said, I guess I'll just have to take it a day at a time.

Stupid blog....
Saturday, February 07, 2004
why do i spend saturday nights studying!? =o( anyways, courtney's party was the bizombDigity..and everyone that went was madd chill! spent the night with my best bubbie and had a wonderful time..we shall do more of that soon...v-day's coming up hMmm..what to do....something cool i hope...
Friday, December 26, 2003
christmas is the best! i can't believe i'm posting--bordem really does things to you, damnit. well, actually, today i'm inspired to write because life is great. (albeit minor bumps, of course) i'm so so blessed with such a wonderful family and a great set of friendstarssss...i love you guys!! it's so easy to take things for granted in life, and i just wanted to take a step back and say "darnit, i'm so lucky..and THANKS everyone for being who you are!!" *applause for you* God has truly blessed me, and I'm so grateful for it all..

but yes....
christmas was spent nice and quietly at home with my family, pretty much spent all day catching up with spent HOURS on the phone with my best buddies..watched world idol *geek alert* haha..i know..but so what!=oP and new obsession--videO games!!!! anyway..peacing out now..i'm such a bad blogger...*yawn* g.nite!
Friday, October 17, 2003
my boyfriend is a buttsniffer

oh yeah midnight madness tonight!! wOOoOoooooooooo!!!!!!!!! too bad that ASS samit isnt here..washington dc shmashington dc..meh..k...... bye!
Sunday, October 12, 2003
holler. LoL. jon came over last night and helped me set up a wireless network in my house. it's greeeat! even though it keeps signing on and least it works..kinda..thanks jon! you're the bestest. *muah*

holy bajeezus, something's been bothering me lately...sometimes, the people that u need to understand the most... just...don' matter how hard you try....anyways.... was great! i BIG READ HEART not having a job! =DDD hehehee..nothing can beat waking up late and not doing anything till 3 o'clock in the afternoon...and plus the manicurist came over today *sigh* wonderful..anyways..bout to go and study with astride..always fun..

i hope this doesn't mean that i'm an online addict.. boo..
Wednesday, October 08, 2003
.loving you is a like a song I replay.
.every three minutes and thirty seconds of every day.
.and every chorus was written for us to recite.
.every beautiful melody of devotion every night.
.it's potion like this ocean that might carry me.
.in a wave of emotion to ask you to marry me.
.and every word, every second, and every third.
.expresses the happiness more clearly than ever heard.
.and when I play them, every chord is a poem.
.telling the Lord how grateful I am cause I know him.
.the harmonies possess a sensation similar to your caress.
.if you asking then I'm telling you it's yes.
.stand in love, take my hand in love, God bless.

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